About Sam Nalven Photography

  Sam is a Phoenix born photographer currently based out of Tempe, Arizona. His primary photographic focus is portraiture, although he has experience in many fields of photography. A few of his other fields of expertise include product photography, automotive photography, newspaper photojournalism and weddings. He is interested in exploring innovative styles of lighting and presentation with all of his subjects.

After acquiring his first camera from his step-father while still at Horizon High School, Sam was immediately hooked on the photography medium. Working at a Ritz Camera to pay his way through the Walter Cronkite School of Photojournalism at ASU, Sam picked up many of the technical aspects of digital photography and quickly excelled in the subject. While at ASU, Sam spent 3 years on the State Press staff and held the positions of Photo Editor and Photographer for State Press Magazine.

Sam regularly shoots Phoenix Magazine and his work has appeared nationally in Spirit Magazine, Southwest Airline's in-flight publication. Other clients include Ford Motor Company, Hankook Tires USA, The Salt River Project, Times Media Plublications, The W Hotel, Julia Baker Confections, American Valet Company, and The University of Phoenix. Sam also works with many talented artists and musicians to help them enhance their image and to create a unique visual style.